The Shading Sisters: An Introduction

Hello! Welcome to my blog for my directed study on shading/materials/texturing/look development. This course will feature various studies of light and texture using software such as ZBrush, Mari, and Maya. For my first project, I would like to create a sculpture of a corgi based on my concept sketch:

In the past, I have dabbled with zbrush here and there, but I finally wanted to have a better understanding of the program by creating an entire character start to finish. And why not make something I'm completely familiar with such as a dog?

I decided to take on the zspheres approach to initially create the base structure of my corgi, then clean up the overall shape in Dynamesh.

adaptive skin

I discovered that zbrush can be fairly frustrating, but thanks to my good friend Caleb Kicklighter, I was able to find solutions to my issues. He also helped with my model structurally. 

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